About Rustic Imports

Rustic Imports is a wholesaler of handcrafted, rustic furniture ranging from traditional rustic to a more refined, stylistic rustic. We believe that the best way to do business and life is through relationships. Our relationships with the factories enable us to supply quality products at affordable prices. We offer products for every room in the home. Rustic Imports currently distributes throughout the southeast with warehouses in Eunice, LA and Atlanta, GA.

What We Offer

We offer warehouse programs featuring our best-selling items with 2 – 4 week fulfillment.

*Please note: due to the pandemic, high demand and shipping delays, we are currently not meeting this fulfillment timeline. We hope to improve this in the near future!

We also offer a mixable, factory direct truckload program for those with larger product quantity needs. Contact your rep for details.

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Our Passion

Rustic Imports is a growing company with a lot of passion for what we do. Our desire is to not only enhance the retail customer’s home with our products but also provide a rewarding work environment for our employees. We strive to honor our employees, customers, and suppliers with Integrity and Respect. Rustic Imports is committed to providing excellent customer service every step of the way from ordering to delivery.

Our Story

Correy grew up in Eunice, LA working in his dad’s speed shop selling racing parts. Success in the racing business led to its expansion into Lafayette and Baton Rouge, LA. Eventually, due to commerce changes in the market, the business was transitioned into a flea market selling both used and new furniture. Correy purchased the flea market from his dad in 2004. In 2011, Correy moved the store to a more prominent area of Lafayette and changed the name to Arnaud’s Furniture. Later that year, he bought his first load of rustic furniture to sell in his retail store.

On September 2nd of 2012, God made Correy a promise that he would be wholesaling rustic furniture out of his dad’s dilapidated, old speed shop building located on his property. Early that following year, Correy began wholesaling rustic furniture out of the back of his retail store in Lafayette. In 2014, business grew enough for the first building to be built on Correy’s property in Eunice next to the old speed shop. This began laying the framework of God’s promise to Correy. Later the same year, Correy sold Arnaud’s Furniture and began wholesaling rustic furniture full time.

The old speed shop was remodeled in 2017 and is now home to Correy’s office and the Eunice showroom (first building on the left). At this time, Rustic Imports was wholesaling rustic furniture out of the old speed shop to customers throughout the southeast.


In 2018, the Atlanta warehouse opened in Kennesaw, GA and distribution continued to grow. Although the majority of our production is currently in Mexico, it is our desire to have a positive impact around the globe as we strive to place furniture in homes across all 50 states.

And the best is yet to come!
I am so fortunate to be a part of the Rustic Imports family, and that is what I consider you guys, an extension of my family. Being a part of Rustic Imports has completely changed my business…
Dealer, Georgia


Rustic Imports is more than furniture – it’s about people and relationships. When you are a part of the Rustic Imports team, you are family. We not only have a desire to build our business, we want to build our communities by doing things publicly and privately – we know that it is better to give than to receive. Local community support includes a variety of things including donations to school fundraisers, shelters and sponsorships. We have also seen the effects of our business in Mexico, in the communities near the factories, the prosperity and growth as a result. The factories provide jobs for over 500 families. Our main factory has more than doubled in size since we began.

Over the years, Rustic Imports has given back to our local communities with donated products especially in times of natural disasters. In 2017, Hurricane Harvey devastated parts of Texas. Homes were flooded and families had to rebuild. Rustic Imports partnered with our factory and Turning Point Church in Vidor, TX to provide an 18-wheeler load of beds and chests donated to help with that effort. We are grateful that we could help so many families.

Meet Pappy

Rustic Imports sponsors him and his family’s work serving people through Helimission USA, www.helimission.org. They provide social, medical and spiritual aid to remote, inaccessible areas. It is their desire to show the love of Christ to those in need and speed the spread of the gospel via aircraft.



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Lighting plays a key role in the appearance of a piece. Different light and settings can affect the look or bring out different tones in the wood or paint. We do our best to picture the item in a way that highlights its features.

The natural element of wood has distinct color variations and grain patterns that may affect the finish application also. While this can make exact color matches of like pieces difficult, it only displays the uniqueness of each individual piece.

Most of our furniture is finished with a lacquer finish for durability and water resistance; however, it is recommended that you use coasters for the best results and clean your wood furniture with a damp cloth only. Sunlight is the biggest enemy for wood furniture. Excessive sun exposure will cause fading and discoloration. It is best not to expose it to direct sunlight for long periods of time. Extreme temperature changes can also affect the look of your furniture and cause movement (contraction/expansion) in the wood.

Minor scratches and dings can be repaired easily with a furniture marker such as, Minwax Wood Finish Stain Marker. Dark Walnut is the best match for most of our tobacco finish tops. Water rings and more significant finish repairs will most likely require stripping/sanding the finish, so we recommend you seek professional assistance. You may consider a color match at a local hardware store for minor paint touch ups.

Rustic Imports’ furniture is hand-made furniture primarily consisting of solid pine wood. Each piece is uniquely crafted to offer a rustic, weathered look. The natural wood, including its natural imperfections such as cracks, knots, splits, and uneven edges, are preserved in the finished product.

Often, purposeful distressing techniques are used to contribute and enhance the overall uniqueness of each rustic piece. The natural element of wood often results in movement of the wood due to expansion, shrinkage or cracks that may occur over time in varying climates. These are most certainly not imperfections or defects, but rather the overall quintessential beauty of what makes our products rustic.

Rustic Imports is a furniture wholesaler, so our products can be found in retail stores. Click here and we can direct you to the nearest store.

No. Our furniture is designed for indoor use only. It is primarily made from pine and has not been treated for outdoor use.

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